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James Legal Services, P.C. settlement video in a case in which a young woman was severely burned in a minor collision with a General Motors C/K pickup truck equipped with a side saddle fuel tank that burst and caused a post collision fire. GM designed the C/K pickup truck with the fuel tank mounted outside the frame rail where it was vulnerable to rupturing in side impact crashes. GM knew about this defect before the first truck was sold to the public, but sold them anyway because of pressure to compete with Ford's new F150 pickup truck. Thousands of people have been injured and killed by the side saddle fuel tank defect and millions of these vehicles remain on the road today.  [view video]

James Legal Services, P.C. test video in a rear under ride case involving a defective Great Dane semi trailer rear bumper showing that safer alternative bumper designs which Great Dane had developed would have prevented serious injuries. But Great Dane refused to use them until it was apparent that the U.S. Department of Transportation would require it.  [view video]

James Legal Services, P.C. video test showing the dangerous explosion of a Goodyear multi piece crane rim.  [view video]

James Legal Services, P. C. settlement video from a case in which a rogue Kansas Highway Patrolman engaged in a dangerous high speed chase, ran a stop sign and killed a woman who had just been to visit her pregnant daughter.  [view video]

James Legal Services, P.C. settlement video from an airplane crash case in which the crash was caused by a defective engine designed and manufactured by Teledyne Continental Motors. The defect was known to TCM, but was not fixed because of the cost.  [view video]

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